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  • Kevin Ginty

DK Display and Bonaveri Introduce Noble, The New Male Schläppi Mannequin Collection

Following the successful launches  in London, Milan and Düsseldorf , DK Display hosted a gala in New York City introducing Noble, the new male Schläppi mannequin collection, on September 15th.

Shown interacting with the recently released Schläppi Aloof female collection, Noble exhibits his ability to maintain a sense of presence and confidence. Possessing versatile poses and attitude, the collection is intended to work well individually or in groups. Each position, when combined, offers unique mirror images of each other allowing visual designers the opportunity to stage in a variety of environments.

The launch was held in SoHo,  New York during Fashion Week on the rooftop of God's Love We Deliver Michael Kors Building, a non-profit organization which  DK Display proudly supports.

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