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"Black Fashion Designers" exhibition featuring Schlappi Mannequins

January 2017

 "Black Fashion Designers" located at the Museum at FIT examines the significant, but often unrecognized, impact that designers of African descent have had on fashion.

Bonaveri unveils the world's first biodegradable mannequin

October 2016

Working with research institutes specializing in bio-based polymers, Bonaveri is proud to have produced a new material which is a truly biodegradable natural plastic from renewable resources. 

Bonaveri featured at the Green Carpet Challenge on a "Night To Remember"

September 2016

The Green Carpet Challenge, who raises awareness of sustainability within the fashion industry, hosted their annual event during London's Fashion week, marking the date when Bonaveri introduced the world's first biodegradable mannequins created from sustainable and renewable materials.  

Proudly supporting Timo Weiland and the CFDA with the opening of The Retail Lab

July 2016


We proudly support Timo Weiland and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) with the opening of The Retail Lab located at Cadillac's global headquarters in Tribecca, New York today featuring Schlappi mannequins supplied by DK Display Corp.

Oscar de la Renta Exhibition featuring Schlappi mannequins

March 2016


"Oscar de la Renta: The Retrospective" on display through May 30th 2016 features Schlappi mannequins supplied by DK Display Corp. This first major survey follows the rise of de la Renta's career from Spain where he gained his initial commissions through his years spent in many of the world's iconic fashion houses to his eventual role as a designer for some of the most influential and celebrated personalities in the 20th and 21st centuries.

"Fairy Tale Fashion" Exhibition featuring Schlappi Mannequins

February 2016


"Fairy Tale Fashion" on display through April 16th 2016 features Schlappi mannequins  supplied by DK Display Corp in their most popular exhibition to date. The exhibition examines fairy tales through the lens of high fashion.

See whats new for 2016 in our redesigned showroom!

December 2015

On December 2nd, DK Display premiered our newly renovated showroom showcasing our new collections for 2016 during the Retail Design Collective.

Introducing Presence, the new collection from New John Nissen

October 2015

"Presence" the elegant new collection by New John Nissen, offers an assortment of unique poses reflecting female seduction..

Introducing Noble, the new male Schläppi collection

September 2015


Following the successful launches in London, Milan and Düsseldorf, DK Display Corp hosted a gala in New York City introducing Noble, the new male Schläppi mannequin collection by Bonaveri on September 15th. 

Bespoke Schläppi mannequins used in Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit

August 2015


Working closely with the Costume Institute at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the team at DK Display Corp and Bonaveri created over 100 bespoke mannequins for the largest exhibit in the Costume Institute's history; China: Through the Looking Glass.

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